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sharonlove55, Lake City, United States
Lake City, United States
About yourself:
I'd like to meet anyone I just wanna meet a good man who is headed in a positive direction in his life. If your doing some type of good with your life then me and you will really hit it off.
Looking for:

I'm 25 years old
I'm rebellious, easy going, & a social type of redneck gal♥ I'm like to get dirty but in a girly way*
I grew up in lake city and am proud of it.
I decided to take a semester off from school to work but I plan on going back in the fall.
My Friends and Family are the best
i LOVE jamming out to country & rock n roll music!
i living in olake city I love my chevy silverado
Allen's Coffee BRANDY Mudding is a hobby ;] -- I love horses♥
Nascar = loveee ♥
I love LOUD ass jacked UP trucks && guys who drive them !!

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