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tomwayne64, Duisburg, Germany
Duisburg, Germany
About yourself:
I'm just looking for a strong and long relationship. For games and adventures my time is too good. Above all, the woman I'm looking for must be honest, respectful and yes ... pretty too. And should we discover over time that we belong to each other, the woman must be ready to live with me in Germany. But I can not do anything with shy women. You should be sexually active, open-minded and ready to try a lot. I am very experimenting with sex and like to try out many things. If you can accept all that, we should definitely get to know each other better. I am also ready to visit you. In a hotel near you. And time will tell if we really fit together. OK?
Looking for:

-Education to chemical technician
-Education to technical draftsman, further education CAD
-Degree in computer science
-long in the field of computer and network technology independently
Instructor, trainer and riding instructor in western riding
- own equestrian business from 2000 - 2006 (until divorce)
-2 sons at the age of 22 and 24
-hear sales manager in chem. Industry in Duisbug
- no sweaty feet
-no body hair (NOWHERE ;-))
Blood pressure 130: 85
Pulse: 64
-TOPP blood levels
snoring not
Shoe size 43
-regular appointments for foot care
-Not dirty finger nails
- NEVER greasy hair
- long, blonde, not dyed hair
-blue eyes
-188cm tall
-82kg heavy

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