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Bristol, United States
5' 9"
Caucasian (white)
Professional life
Some college
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Arts, Community service, Dining, Family, Movies, Listening to music, Reading, Religion, Theater, Travel, Cooking, Gaming, Gardening, Crafts, Playing sports
About yourself:
i am seeking a woman who loves to be close to me.Giving lots of attention and affection.I like being loved and loving back.So always snuggling close to each other , Hugging, kissing, cuddling, holding hands needs to be not a problem.I also need a woman who can keep up.I'm romantic and passionate so you need to be able to handle lots of lovemaking.I'm not a minute man.. : also i write this because i wont be with a woman and be unhappy because she doesn't please me how i like.I love getting oral.Some woman don't like to.need that to be clear. also i need a woman who loves GOD.I pray a lot ,fast, and just do a lot for the sake of god and souls.I need a woman who would grab her rosary's and get down with her hail Marys.Not get mad or leave me because my attention and time went to god&angels not her.Also if you cheat don't even bother.I am a man who steps to be virtue bound.A good heart who lives to be in the grace of god.I will not commit adultery and cheat.I barely sin.swearing and few other things have been but my worst actions as a man.I will have no mercy or tolerance for someone who is such things i unto others as you would have done unto you 4 real.I hope you take me serous.That moment in a persons heart when there love is wounded unbearable and no person should have to experience that.Id never do that to someone i love.also my perfect woman loves to dress up and look sexy for me.high heels,skirts,dresses,cute outfits etc etc...lite my fire lol also if things work out.I intend to bring you to USA.So if you don't want to leave your country to come to America wouldn't bother.Because im really not the desert type.hope you like snow lololol if i had but hope, in the everlasting desire, of love beyond dreams, if but for a moment, my world would become still, my thoughts and feelings frozen, in the power of your beauty, a slave to passion, burning in the fire of my heart, so lost in the sorrow . walking with every breath and beat alone. every day returning. tormenting for love is not known oh pity unto this sweet soul MY BEAUTIFUL ANGEL IT SEEMS I AM HERE ONCE AGAIN . DOING MY BEST TO EXPRESS AND EXPLAIN, THE BEST I CAN .WHAT MY HEART SEEMS SO UNABLE, TO UTTER PERFECTLY WITH OUT THE HELP OF MY HAND . I HOPE YOU TRULY FORGIVE ME AND THINK NOT LESS OF ME. FOR BEFORE SUCH A ANGEL, MY WORDS CAN NOT HELP. BUT TO BE LOST IN SUCH BEAUTY . WITH A HEART, THAT HAS KNOWN TO LITTLE OF LOVE AND TO BIG OF PAIN . IT IS BEYOND DIFFICULT, TO EXPRESS MY HEART TO YOU . AND NOT KNOWING LOVE OR TRUE WARMTH FOR THE FOUR YEARS I HAVE, MAKES ME BEYOND LOST AND UNAWARE OF WHAT I SHOULD BE . IT IS LIKE I AM A CHILD WITH A GOOD MANS HEART, LONGING AND UNABLE TO BE. THIS IS THE VERY REASON WHY I AM WRITING MY HEARTS PLEA . FOR SO LONG HAS IT BEEN, SINCE MY HEART HAS KNOWN SUCH DAYS . IT IS AS IF, THIS VERY REALITY .BINDS ME TO LIVE LIFE'S PAINFUL DESTINY . HOW I PLEA, FOR YOU TO SEE . IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE GOOD MAN AND GOOD HEART I LIVE TO BE. BUT ONLY CAUSES ME TO STUMBLE AND EVEN MAKES ME HARD TO SEE . HOW I APOLIGIZE . HOW I FEEL LIKE A HELPLESS FOOL . HOW IT SADDENS ME, FOR I CAN NOT HELP . HOW THIS CRUEL LIFE HAS TWISTED ME. HOW I DESIRE FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND . THIS IS ALL LIKE NEW TO ME . HOW I ASK YOU TO SEE PAST A GOOD MANS INNOCENT REALITY . SEE MY GOOD HEART . AND LET IT NOT FADE FROM THEE. I SAY, HAVE MERCY ON THY ATTEMPTS . TO BE THY HEARTS EVERY WISH TO BE . FOR I SHALL NOT LET, SUCH A BEAUTIFUL STAR . FADE AS I REACH FOR MY HEARTS DREAM. I SAY, I SHALL NOT TROUBLE YOU ANYMORE. THIS IS THY HEARTS FINAL PLEA . FOR LIKE A BEAUTIFUL ROSE . BRUISED BY TO STRONG A TOUCH, I SHALL NOT BE . BUT GENTLE WHISPERS AND QUIET DREAMS . LESS THY HEART SHOULD SEEK MORE OF ME . THOU WE MAY NOT KNOW THE FUTURE WE DO CHOOSE WHAT IT WILL BE THY BEAUTIFUL ANGEL AND THY HEARTS WARMTH IS THE CHOICE OF A FUTURE I MAKE FOR A GOOD MANS PERFECT DREAM. TO THY NEXT BEAUTIFUL SMILE MUCH LOVE DAVID
Looking for:

Virtue bound....Seeking a life with true purpose.Wants to make god smile and hearts warm..Cant stand guys who bark at women.Id be a knight if i could.Down to the very morals and prayer which make one.

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